We Love Cultivating Raving Fans!

If you are wondering what Raving Fans is all about, you may want to read the book entitled, “Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service.” It is a book written as a fictional parable to help illustrate how companies can create a customer service revolution in their workplace and all employees at TIC are required to read this book! Time Investment Company uses the principles and philosophies from Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles’ book as our foundation for customer care -- helping to create the best customer experience we can!


Here are some Testimonials from some of our Raving Fans!

  • “I can’t thank you enough for your assistance. It’s so nice to know that there are still good people in this world. We need a lot more people like you.”
  • "Even though I was very upset, your agent was nothing but patient and kind to me and I appreciate that.”
  • “I really enjoyed our borrowing experience and we are looking into other household items etc. once this is paid!"
  • "Thank you for the time that your agents spent with me and for such quick service."
  • "Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to help our situation."
  • "Thank you again for making what I feared was going to be a complicated situation, easy and pleasant. You were a delight to speak with today!"  
  • “Without question, Heather is a great asset to you organization. Her dedication and the willingness to help her clients is second to none. It is comforting to know your team will go beyond the call of duty and get the job done !!!
    Thank you Heather for a job WELL DONE !!!”
  • “Make sure to tell Wendy and Heather about the awesome job they did preparing me for the reaffirmation paperwork. I couldn’t have done it without them.”
  • “Heather and Wendy’s immediate attention, extra time and effort spent on this task saved one of our fire alarm dealers about $3000.00 and he was very grateful! Thanks for taking extra care of our customers….you make a difference!”
  • One of our dealers at a convention dinner explained to another business owner how TIC works with their dealers--giving as much energy as it takes to create and come up with a WIN/WIN program for your company and for Time Investment. He went on to explain that it took about two years to come up with and perfect the program that they are currently using and that this has been excellent for his company.

    He shared with the table that he was looking for a relationship where he could have a one-stop shopping experience because he didn’t want to waste his time or his staff’s time working with multiple financial companies. He discussed why it was important for him to work with personable staff who would be willing to take a second look at turn downs; who would be willing to work with his company to find ways to make a purchase possible and (who practiced --CSL -- Common Sense Lending!!!).

    He concluded his testimonial by saying that since he and his company started working with Time Investment Company and their financing philosophy, his business has tripled and he hasn’t had to go to low interest rates or other industry sales tactics (and the negative issues that this creates) to do this.

    • Home Industry
  • "Thank you all so very much for the wonderful last couple of days. Your hospitality, generosity and friendship has been so overwhelming and very much appreciated. We had a blast and can’t thank you enough for all you have done. Your family and business are strong and beautiful and we are so very grateful and humbled to have had this opportunity."
    • Home Food Industry

Time Investment Company Inc.

In 1981 Michael Hafeman discussed with his parents Barbara and Dale, the possibility of starting a finance company. After much deliberation and research they began the process of a new business startup. When a company name was to be decided, they intentionally did NOT choose to include the word finance. While we are a finance company for Direct Sales Lending, at our core, we believe in providing our loan holding customers the opportunity to invest in excellent high quality products and services. We also believe strongly in the results experienced by Dealers when they invest in a partnership with our Direct Sales Lending programs and financing philosophies.

The first office for the fledgling company was in the basement of the Hafeman homestead on Orchard Street. They shared this space with the washer, dryer, clotheslines and piles of seemingly unending laundry produced by seven kids! The first office equipment for TIC was purchased from The West Bend Company for $5 and included a filing cabinet, wooden desk, typewriter and telephone, as well as some books and pertinent forms from the Installment Division, which the company was only too happy to gift to the Hafemans!

Soon after naming the new company, Barbara who worked as Speech Pathologist for the West Bend School District, asked Dorothy Barnes an art teacher from Decorah, if she could come up with some logos. The very fitting logo that we use still is one of Dorothy's creations -- a gift from her to our company.

Tom comes into the TIC fold, first as a part time employee and then later as the company grew, he became TIC’s first official full time employee.

TIC Homestead

The growth spurt prompted the new company to move into a small one room office upstairs in the Husar Building. A second move took TIC back to the basement, but this time into a spacious two room office in the Husar Building.

North River Office

Time Investment Company made a big jump moving to the industrial park on North River Road with 2000 square feet on the eastern-most end of the building. Over the years they expanded two more times into the adjacent space inhabiting half the building with over 40 employees.


The family proprietorship grows and is officially incorporated Dec 27, 1989.

During the 80’s and 90’s TIC experienced tremendous growth. With this growth there was much excitement, but also a component of exhaustion when we realized we could not accommodate all of the new business without affecting the quality of our customer service delivery. To address this situation, a waiting list was instituted for Dealers.

In the summer of 1993, Mike was invited to a workshop where he met with the owner of the Masterguard Company. It was here that he was offered the opportunity to move to Dallas and run this company. After much deliberation, strategic shifts and every emotion on the continuum from thrilling excitement to frightening uncertainty, making this move seemed to make sense for both companies and for the family. On December 27 of 1993, in 20 below zero weather, Mike and his family moved to Dallas Texas.

After using a couple of different software programs, alongside a highly sophisticated manual ledger better known as the “black book” (which was kept on a rolling cart and pushed between departments as needed), it was decided sometime in 2003 to begin looking at other computer programs. After a year of planning and another year of development, TIC gave birth to a customized software program! This program is called WAAM (Workflow Automation & Asset Management) and was launched in September of 2005. This software program integrated everything we did into one system and completely enhanced our ability to do business!

TIC Headquarters

In the summer of 2010 a bid was accepted on the former West Bend City Hall/Fire Dept/Police Dept on 6th & Hickory. TIC was the proud owner of their first office building! Another exciting milestone and a reflection of the continued growth and good fortune that TIC experienced, especially in light of the economic turns the country experienced earlier in the millennium. TIC moved into their new headquarters in November where they enjoyed the spacious cream-city-brick-building with its historical charm and quirky plumbing!

Late in 2012 the Time Investment Company Logo was revisited. Preserving the original concept of the logo, the updated version added some dimensional changes and a splash of color for a fresh look.

In 2013, due to another steady pace of growth, it was decided by the Executive staff that Time Investment Company needed to have Michael’s full time presence. Exit strategies for Michael's other business endeavors were prepared and strategically implemented and in 2014 Mike rejoined TIC in a full time capacity.

With the purchase of our first building, we found ourselves hosting more Dealer visits. To accommodate the influx of customer visits, TIC purchased the triangle building on the corner of main Street and S. 6th. This hospitality house is a favorite place to stay for our out of town guests.

TIC launches its first new software program for our “on-line” application process. Staying current and progressive in the technologies to help our customers continues to be an area of focus.


This is a finance company in a class all of its own!

Packer Tail Gate Luncheon
Go Pack!!!

Monthly Luncheons are a favorite companywide event.

Christmas Party!

The year end Christmas party is a great way to celebrate another fantastic year with food, awards, and fellowship!

Customer Service & Collection Staff volunteer for
the Ronald McDonald House

Time Investment Company and our employees sponsor and volunteer time and money to a variety of community, civic and non-profit projects.

The jelly fish
wins the costume
Dealer Development takes
the Polar Bear Plunge
raising money for
the Vince Lombardi Foundation
Company talks from guest Dealers
in different industries help
with continuing education
for TIC staff
TIC is a sponsor for the
Children’s Burn Camp Golf Outing
The hundred million dollar luncheon!

Studies show that employees who are “engaged” in their jobs and who practice a hearty amount of “Wellness or Wellbeing” Habits are more likely to enjoy and thrive in their careers. Because TIC wants to have happy, healthy and engaged staff taking care of our customers, we have committed to a “Wellbeing Initiative”.

The five most important elements of Wellbeing that pertain to a happy, engaged and productive career include: Purpose, Social Health, Financial Health, Community, and Physical Health.

Raving Fan Task Force

TIC Tock is our Continuing Educational Program for employees. It stands for Targeted Individual Character Training or Career Knowledge. Born as a result of feedback from our Raving Fan Task Force it is one of the ways our company is committed to improving the quality of life for our internal customers…. our staff!

The goal for this program is to provide personal and professional growth because well trained staff has better skills to help our customers, as well as, future job and career opportunities employees.

Wendy Dubois
First recipient of:
TIC Raving Fan Award

The Raving Fan award focuses on the proven principles and practices shared in the fictitious storytelling style of Ken Blanchard in his book “Raving Fans”. After all, not one person would be working here in this company today if it were not for our “first boss”—our customers!

As the story begins, it is not enough to simply have satisfied customers if we are hoping to continue to be a viable and thriving company. Today’s world requires a customer base of more than simply satisfied customers. It requires a customer base of Raving Fans!

Congratulations to Wendy Dubois! Our customers love you and so do we!