We are established as one of the leaders in Direct Sales Financing. We continue to push the boundaries of developing exciting and innovative products for the market. We have an entrepreneurial culture where our employees can make a difference. We are looking for like-minded, dynamic individuals to come and join our strategically expanding team.

Current Openings

This is our current list of vacancies and a link to our Employment Application. Please click on the position to learn more details. Complete the Application Form provided.

Toll Free: (800) 236-1177

Employee Benefits & Options

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • 401k + Employer Match
  • PTO Pay
  • Holiday Pay
  • Company Luncheons
  • Christmas Party
  • Continuing Education TIC Tock Program
  • Short Term Sub Notes
  • Subordinated Notes
  • Monthly Luncheons

Our Department Positions

Click on the department name to see the all job positions defined within that department.

Cash Management Manager
Cash Management Cash Processing Clerk
Junior Accountant
Operational / Data Analyst
Junior Operational / Data Analyst
Property Manager / Accounts Payable Accountant
Governmental Affairs / Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Assistant
Governmental Affairs Assistant
Collections / Customer Care Manager
Collections / Customer Care Assistant Manager
Collections Supervisor
Customer Care Supervisor
Collections Representative
Customer Care Representative
Director of Dealer Development
Dealer Services Manager
Dealer Services Assistant Manager
Consumer Loan Senior Underwriter / Credit Analyst
Consumer Loan Underwriter / Credit Analyst
Consumer Loan Processor
Vice President of Sales
Sales Representative
Senior Programmer / Analyst
Web Apps Software Developer
System Administrator / IT


What do you like about working at TIC?

  • “Family Orientated and family atmosphere!"
  • "Treated like family!”
  • "On a name to name basis with the owners.”
  • "Love my job!”
  • "Room to grow.”
  • "Great training program.”
  • "Freedom to make decisions based on what is best for the company.”
  • "Good pay and benefits.”
  • "Luncheons and parties!”
  • "Compassion of owners for their employees.”
  • "Growth and excitement of new opportunities.”

What does TIC have a knack for doing better than anyone else?

  • “Customer care focused."
  • "Great customer service and always striving to be the best.”
  • "Going out of the way to help the customer.”
  • "Creating the feeling that you belong.”
  • "Owners try to make everything personable.”
  • "Luncheons!”
  • "Little things that the company does for all of us.”
  • "Raving Fans—not only with outside customers –but also with staff.”
  • "Onboarding.”
  • "Consistently striving to improve employees desire to be better.”
  • "Spending time and treating staff as family helps make us a better company.”

What would you say our company values are?

  • “Family values.”
  • ”Making Goals.”
  • ”Providing excellent customer service.”
  • ”Putting the customer first.”
  • ”Honesty—doing what we say we are going to do.”
  • ”Treating people with integrity, honesty and respect.”
  • "Working together to the end goal of success and profitability.”
  • "Family orientated—we the staff take care of you and you take care of us."
  • "Prideful in how we do business—good relationships."
  • "Family is a major value."
  • "Work ethic is strong."

TIC Life Culture

Company Engagement

Employee Enhancement

Community Involvement