Our Mission

To improve the quality of life through excellence in customer care.

  • We are a customer focused process center that develops and delivers innovative solutions for our customers.
  • We use financial strategies that are tailored for each market, evaluate & implement new strategies in response to changing customer profiles and market conditions.
  • We consistently outperform our peers, producing predictable earnings to our investors, while providing a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.


As a promise to our customers, we promise…

  • To dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with efficient, reliable & friendly customer service.
  • To genuinely greet our customers and thank them for their patronage.
  • To read between the lines by anticipating our customers’ needs and questions before they even know to ask the question!
  • To help educate our customers about basic financing.
  • To practice ABCD (above and beyond the call of duty) service for all of our customers.
  • To take care of customers’ needs and requests immediately, unless impossible. In these circumstances we promise to practice 24 hour turnaround resolution to issues.
  • To practice SOS (See it, Own it, Solve it) and follow up by closing the circle of communication.
  • To service our customers 12 hours a day – 4 days a week, 7.5 on Fridays with open ears and a helpful “can do” attitude.
  • To practice active deep-listening to help our customers come up with solutions and strategies to maintain good credit. We aren’t Dr. Freud or Oprah Winfrey, but we are here to listen and help find solutions -- especially during your times of need.
  • To service our customers with a “Can Do” attitude helping to take one thing off their worry plate.
  • To practice intuitive listening to understand the customer personally and not just respond to the conversation in a knee-jerk fashion.
  • To help build a long term life time customer relationships.
  • To conclude our conversations and hang up with a smile on our face.
  • To be a family owned company that will treat you like one of our own.
  • To make a personalized welcome phone call to each loan holder, introducing ourselves and giving customers the opportunity to ask any financing questions pertaining to their new account.
Toll Free: (800) 236-1177
Customer Care: Extention 154


This is the department that underwrites loans for your products or services.

Cultivating new partnerships, maintaining and helping our customers grow their organizations and continuing to personalize our relationships is an on-going effort that historically makes us unique from the traditional finance company. The focus and intentionality of our relationship building has played a significant role in our reputation and success, and while we are not the largest financial institution, we typically provide a larger financial menu. This feature alone is reflected in pricing comparisons with our competitors, but it provides TIC the opportunity to more effectively individualize our services to our customers and differing industry needs.

We currently service a wide variety of different direct sales industries including Home Improvement (windows, roofing, siding, bath-in-a-day), Home Food Service, Energy Conservation products, Cookware, Memorial Monuments and Services, Water Filtration Systems and more.

  • Personal face-to-face communication via on-site visits to your business, customer visits to our corporate office, telephone, email and on-line chats.
  • Raving fan customer service.
  • Fast turnaround purchasing—most contracts purchased same day.
  • Quick credit decisions to ensure highest potential for loan approval.
  • Paperless on-line application opportunity.
  • Personalized dealer trainer assigned to help orientate you through the Direct Sales financing process.
  • A customized computer program system built for TIC’s customers and their unique needs.
  • Loan programs for multiple levels of credit.
  • On-line secured website to view application approvals and loan status 24x7.
  • The ability to email or fax documents for processing.
  • Dealership or personal short-term or long-term subordinated note programs available.
  • Toll free numbers for dealers and customers.
  • Personal communication with very knowledgeable staff with over 178 years of combined experience!
  • The opportunity for credit card processing.
  • Direct deposit for dealer - next day funding.
  • Automatic payment for your customers.
Toll Free: (800) 236-1177
Dealer Services: Extention 152


The Collection Department is considered the Heart of our Company. It is where we help our loan holders manage their accounts and prevent delinquency.

In this department, using honest mid-west values, we pride ourselves on genuinely caring about our customers to help them prevent delinquency and maintain a good long-term credit status. Because we are doing internal collections, it is very important that we cultivate good relationships.

We believe that people want to be current on their accounts and that no one really wants to be delinquent or past due. Due to this belief, our staff are consistently trying to help you maintain your personal credit rating and will bend over backwards to try and help our customers.

Time Investment Company really cares about your long term credit status and the effects of delinquency on your personal accounts. To this end, we strive to offer loan modifications to work with people when we can. In fact, we often hear from former customers asking to use TIC when making another future purchase!

We consider this one of the highest complements! Some of our other “stand out” Collection Department services include:

  • We have a long standing reputation in our industry as having one of the lowest delinquency ratings in the nation.
  • We believe in the power of building relationships with our loan holders and providing a raving fan atmosphere in which we are consistently looking for ways to improve our customers with their financial experience.
  • Because we have strong relationships with our dealers who are providing the products, we are able to offer a more holistic approach to our customer service thereby ensuring a more positive experience.
  • We maintain and service all of our loans in-house from the beginning to the end (we don’t sell to outside lending parties).
  • We offer a variety of payment options.
  • Customers have the ability to easily speak with a “live” professional customer service representative for questions.
  • Delinquent accounts are assigned to one representative who maintains a one-on-one relationship with the loan holder until they are able to bring their account current.
Toll Free: (800) 236-1177
Collections Department: Extention 150