Richard Mousseau
Vice President Sales

I believe that one of the most important qualities of this company is its commitment to helping all of our customers invest in a better life style. We begin by investing in our relationships with our dealers. Relationship building means bending over backwards to help provide excellent care and customizing our relationships for their unique needs. Our dealers appreciate the care and attention that we spend on our relationships because this is how our dealers do business with their customers too.

As the newest member of the executive team at Time Investment Company, Inc. (TIC), I feel very privileged to be a part of an organization that is so focused on the relationships that are created with our dealers. I joined TIC in January of 2016 after 30 years with VFS Services, Inc., and I have enjoyed working in the finance business since 1981. The Hafeman family welcomed me with open arms and I feel like I have found a new home where the company, employees, and owners share the same Midwestern values that are the foundation of who I am.

I never had the privilege of meeting Dale Hafeman, but I can certainly see his touch at TIC in the way he raised his children in the business, the common-sense lending values he instilled, and most importantly; in how we treat our dealers as partners in our business. I enjoy learning from Barb about him and the family stories that tell the story of the success of the business at TIC. I end each e-mail with an anonymous quote that says “Children are a message we send to a place and time we can never be!”, I liked to think that Dale and Barb Hafeman are very proud of the messages they’ve sent.

This message has always been a part of me in the sense that I believe we all need to give back to the community for the greater good of all. I have been active in the Boy Scouts of America for over 16 years and am presently the Charter Organization Representative for Troop 816 at St. Alfred’s Church in Taylor, Michigan. I have been a Committee Member and Scout Master of the troop and had the privilege of assisting my son Richard, and 25 other scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. Prior to my adventures in scouting, I was the president, director, and a coach of the Taylor Youth Soccer Club. I am also an active volunteer at St. Alfred’s Church and have been for over 25 years. I am presently co-chairman of the 50/50 raffle for our annual parish fall festival. I was also the Festival Chairman for 10 years.

I believe that creating long-term relationships with the individuals and companies we finance is the key to our success at TIC.